The Wineries on Betzold Rd


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Welcome to The Wineries on Betzold Rd

Family Owned Orchard, Vineyard, & Kitchen


Bayfield Winery & The Orchard

Bayfield Winery has been producing Bayfield apple & fruit wines for over 20 years. Originally established in 1995 by Scott and Renate Hauser on Hauser’s Superior View Farm, now located on their own farm. The location may have changed, but the apples remain the same.

Seven Ponds Winery & The Vineyard

Seven Ponds Winery is comprised of second generation winemakers and siblings Ian Hauser and Caitlin Mathewson. Caitlin founded the original Winery on Betzold Rd with her mother Renate. After his stint in the Navy, Ian joined on as winemaker in 2016 - the same year the first 3 acres of vineyard was planted. Seven Ponds Winery produces a variety of local Wisconsin grown grape wines.


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Chef Noah & The Kitchen

After marrying into the family, Chef Noah Mathewson introduced his Shareable Charcuterie plates, soups & grilled cheeses, as well as his Supper Club menu in 2018. He makes his dishes from scratch with as many local ingredients as possible and you can taste the difference.