The Wineries on Betzold Rd


Refund Policy

We do not offer refunds on our products

Shipping Policy

The minimum order for wine shipment is 2 bottles.

All orders are shipped UPS Ground from Bayfield, WI.

We suspend shipping from December 15 until March 15 because of the extreme cold during that time of the year.  We will ship during thaws if the weather looks like it will hold and suspend earlier or later in the year if the weather turns extreme (i.e. sub-zero temperatures or highs only reaching teens.)


Where we ship to

This is a guide for direct shipping wine within the United States.

No Consumer Shipping Allowed:

Alabama                            Montana
Arkansas                            Pennsylvania
Maryland                           Utah

On-Site Purchased Consumer Shipping Allowed:

Delaware        Mississippi        Oklahoma        Tennessee
Iowa                New Jersey        Rhode Island
Kentucky        New Mexico       South Dakota

Direct Shipment to Consumers; On-Site, Off-Site and Internet:

Alaska                                 Hawaii                              Minnesota                                 Ohio                                   Wisconsin
Arizona                               Idaho                                 Missouri                                    Oregon                              Wyoming       
California                            Illinois                              Nebraska                                   South Carolina
Colorado                             Indiana                              Nevada                                     Texas
Connecticut                        Kansas                               New Hampshire                     Vermont                 
District of Columbia         Louisiana                          New York                                 Virginia
Florida                                 Maine                                North Carolina                        Washington
 Georgia                                Michigan                          North Dakota                           West Virginia